TIP #3

Maintaining Your Water Heater…

It is suggested that your check and replace your Anode rod on a regular bases. The anode rod is used to protect your water heater, and is commonly referred to as the sacrificial rod. The way it works is, the metal on the anode rod and the metal in the water heater tank are connected together through the water (electrolysis), the metal on the anode rod allows itself to be eaten away to preserve the steel of the water heater tank. The rate at which the anode rod is eaten away depends on the mineral content of the water and the amount of water flowing through the water heater.

To remove the anode rod from the water heater you will need a 1 1/16” socket. Removing the anode rod is also the method used to drain your water tank, when needed.

Your alternator will charge your battery at a more rapid rate, however at a more rapid rate you will not get as many amp hours of use out of your battery before it needs to be recharged.

If your coach battery does not charge from your alternator or from you converter check your manual reset breakers.