Blending Classic Techniques with Modern Design

Beautiful, hand-crafted cabinetry is one of our hallmarks at Pleasure-Way Industries Ltd. We create our custom cabinetry in our on-site mill shop. Here, our skilled crafts people transform raw hard wood maple into exquisite moldings and stunning stile and rail maple doors.

Our mill shop team place raw maple planks through a rip saw to create the individual strips of maple in the exact widths that are required to make our solid maple doors. After the maple has been ripped, it is placed through a moulder which shapes the planks to the appropriate thickness and profile. The maple is then cut to the exact measurement required for each individual motorhome. The maple strips are then run through a shaper to create the mortise and tenon joints. The strips are glued together by hand forming the door and clamped until dried. Once the maple door has dried and passed our quality control, it is placed through a door sander to ensure it is the correct thickness. It is then ready for the final finishing stage, in which the maple cabinet door is hand-sanded, hand-stained and lacquered. Each door receives three coats of stain and two coats of lacquer. All of our high quality stains and lacquers are water-based, which is better for the environment, as well as being safer for our employees and consumers.

Our exquisite, hand-crafted cabinetry is very labor intensive to create. On average, it takes over twenty-two hours to finish just one set of cabinet doors for each and every coach we produce.

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