Pleasure-Way’s Ambassadors Program

Pleasure-Way Ambassadors (East) Barbara & Harold Bergstrom

Harold and I started camping in 1984 with a conversion van, and traveled across the U. S. visiting a lot of the National Parks. We found that we really enjoyed camping, but before very long, we realized we needed a more complete van. So, we started going to RV shows and for 3 years we searched for a van that had it all. Then, we saw a Pleasure-Way. It was love at first sight! So, in 1992, we bought our first Pleasure-Way, and what a pleasure it was!

In 1996, we bought our second Pleasure-Way. We took a trip from NY to Saskatoon, toured the plant, and saw how a Pleasure-Way is built. A must see! We then continued on our trip to Jasper & Banff in Canada. After that, we traveled back into the U. S. into Washington, Oregon, Utah and then back home. It was a trouble-free, enjoyable trip of 8,000 miles!

In 2003, we decided it was time for ANOTHER Pleasure-Way! We were always extremely happy with our Pleasure-Way, and so were hesitant about upgrading, fearing we might not be happy with the new one. But, as you can see, there was no need to be concerned. Pleasure-Way ALWAYS takes such pride in their workmanship, and it shows in every one they build. We have traveled through 47 states in the U. S. and visited 5 of Canada’s Provinces. We normally travel from 2 to 6 weeks at a time and it is always a Pleasure. We live in N. Y. on Long Island, and we have found that the Pleasure-Way is great as a second vehicle. Our Pleasure-Way fits into a regular parking place, which is a real big plus!

Through the years, many people have asked to see the inside of our van, and they are always amazed how well the van is constructed and the amount of storage there is. We have handed out many brochures throughout the years, during our travels.When they ask questions about the company, we tell them, Pleasure-Way will bend -over-backwards in order to help you. They don’t give up, and they make sure you are completely satisfied!

Pleasure-Way has been hosting a Rally for the owners in Canada every 2 years since 1991. Unfortunately, we missed the first one, but we have attended everyone since then. We have met and made many new friends, which has been a perk of owning a Pleasure-Way!

These are just a few of the reasons why we have owned 3 Pleasure-Ways! The company makes a great van and they care about their relationship with the owners.

We are enjoying being the EASTCOAST AMBASSADORS for Pleasure-Way. It is our Pleasure! Hope to see you on the road!

Have Pleasure-Way, Will Travel!
Barbara (Bobbi) & Harold Bergstrom

Pleasure-Way West Ambassadors Joy & Rob Tillotson

Joy and I have been camping for well over 28 years together and I have camped for 18 years before Joy and I were married. We have built and operated a RV park in the Mountains of Colorado. We have had a variety of equipment from Pop Up Campers ( close to real camping) to travel trailer and motor homes. (Now called Rving) We have visited many states, five Canadian Provinces, and crossed central Mexico to the west coast.

In 2000 we sold our well worn Class C and after much research we purchased or first Pleasure Way. The 2000 Millennium Series Pleasure Way Lexor TD on the Dodge chassis. Our first major trip in 2001 was a 6 week trip through Mexico. Since then many trips of a few days to six and eight weeks have been taken. Besides we use our P as a second car because we can actually park it in a standard parking space. Our first Pleasure Way Rally in Saskatoon, SK was in 2001 We have attended every Pleasure-Way Rally since and are looking forward to many more factory rallies. We purchased our second Pleasure Way RV in 2005, the 2006 20th Anniversary Series Plateau. What a wonderful unit.

Every where we go our Pleasure Ways have attracted much attention and many “tours” have been given of our coaches and many brochures have been given out. There is an old automotive ad that went something like this: “if you want to know how great this product is, ask the people that own one.” Pleasure-Way owners are the best advertisement for these quality units.

Joy and I look forward to being your Western Region Ambassador for Pleasure Way Industries. We are located near Denver, Colorado, the Gate Way to the Rockies. We hope to meet you on the Road.

Happy RVing!

Those interested in further information may contact any of the following coordinators:

Pleasure-Way RV Club West (PWRVCW):

Nancy Saunders

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Bobbi Bergstrom

Western Canada Club

Rosemarie and George Bull