Stall Installation

Most recreational vehicles are built on assembly lines, with the interiors and cabinetry being stapled together in a menagerie of paneling and wooden sticks. The walls and roof are typically installed last.  Many of these recreational vehicles feature a meagre twelve-month warranty.

Pleasure-Way motorhomes are not built on an assembly line; rather they are built in stalls, where one dedicated cabinet craftsman will build and install the entire coach cabinetry himself.  Each of our cabinet craftsmen will build on the same chassis make and model for several years to refine and master his craft before moving

onto different chassis and coach floor plans. Every Pleasure-Way motorhome is built in its own stall where one of our skilled craftspeople will hand-fit, measure and template the individual pieces into the interior masterpiece you see.  As a result, our custom cabinets precisely hug the interior walls of our motorhomes.  Due to our meticulous hand-fitting and measuring process, our cabinets fit perfectly. We do not need to use plastic moldings to hide the gaps and cracks commonly found in many recreational vehicles.

At Pleasure-Way, we are proud to say that we build our

motorhomes to last and our manufacturing process reflects that.  We cannot imagine using a process that employs staples as a way to adhere surfaces and cabinetry; indeed, our manufacturing process is entirely staple-free.  Wall partitions, end gables and upper cabinets are all screwed together and fastened with steel angle brackets for superior strength and quality. Cabinets are anchored into the coach floor and wall blocking that is adhered to the inside wall to ensure their strength. This extra step adds stability to the cabinetry and it also helps to ensure a more peaceful, rattle-free ride!

At Pleasure-Way, we know that quality and excellence take time and we do not believe in sacrificing quality for economy.  We are not afraid to take our time and do whatever it takes to create an outstanding motorhome.

Pleasure-Way Stall Installation: Cabinet Prep
Pleasure-Way Installation: The Cabinets

Finishing: it’s in the details


Most interior trim pieces, such as crown, fluted and corner mouldings, are perfected in our mill shop. Each piece is milled from solid hard wood maple then sanded, stained and lacquered with the same attention to detail as our cabinet doors. When attaching the final trim pieces, our finishing department team will glue and nail the trim into place, then meticulously blend the minute nail holes with the matching wax fill.

Pleasure-Way Stall Installation: Finishing the cabinets

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