Producing Only the Highest Quality of Motorhomes


Pleasure-Way Industries Ltd. has a very complex system of checks and balances, which serves to promote the highest level of quality control. Every craftsperson who has worked on any part of the construction of the motorhome signs off on a detailed work sheet confirming the work they have performed. Our quality control team audits every single coach we produce and every craftsmanís work on that motorhome must meet our rigorous standards and testing. In the event that a deviance is found, the appropriate team member is called upon to correct the issue then sign off again to confirm that the matter has been resolved. This meticulous process holds all team members accountable for their work and allows us to quickly adapt to product changes or design improvements. Our most rigorous and arduous quality control system comes from our craftspeople themselves who take so much pride in their work that nothing but their best will do; that is how dedicated they are in creating the best motorhome possible!

The final stage of the quality control audit is a test drive. We do this to ensure that we are happy with the handling and ride of each coach. Once this is completed, we deliver each coach to the respective dealership via a flatbed transport truck. This ensures that the coach arrives in the premium condition you would expect and allows you to be the one to personally ìbreak inî the chassis of the motorhome, rather than a third party delivery driver.

Pleasure-Way Industries Ltd. is so confident in the motorhomes we design and construct that we back them by the Pleasure-Way Five Year Freedom Coach Warranty.

Seal Tech Water Leak Detection

As part of our complex testing regime, every coach is ìseal techî tested. We test the coach for water leaks by installing the seal tech machine.  This machine pressurizes the inside of the motorhome forcing air to expand outward. Once this is in place, we spray a combination of water and
soap over the entire exterior of the coach. If there are any water leaks, they are easily identified by large soap bubbles forming on the exterior of the coach. This critical procedure is part of the backbone of our quality control process.

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