The Opposite of Mass Production

You will not find an assembly line at Pleasure-Way Industries Ltd. We do not use this popular and time-saving method of manufacturing. We refuse to sacrifice fit, finish, quality and safety for time and cost savings.

At Pleasure-Way, we give each motorhome we build the meticulous care and attention it deserves. On average, it takes six weeks and over four hundred man hours to finish just one Pleasure-Way motorhome! Pleasure-Wayís unique construction process strays very far away from most recreational vehicles manufacturers that mass produce thousands of coaches in a fraction of the time.

The construction of Pleasure-Way motorhomes involves measuring, constructing and hand-fitting custom made parts onto each individual chassis. Why you ask? The answer is simple. Even though all chassis of a particular make and model, such as Mercedes-Benz or Ram, appear to be identical to each other, there can be slight tolerance differences in the body by up to a quarter of an inch! This can greatly affect the fit and finish of each individual component of the motorhome. That is why at Pleasure-Way we hand fit and trim each individual part, from running boards to wall partitions, to perfectly fit each particular coach. Once the specific piece has been custom fit, it will be serialized with that particular coachís chassis vehicle identification number and it will be installed later in the production process to that exact unit.

The first phase of the construction of a Pleasure-Way motorhome begins in the welding/metal fabrication department. Here, the skilled team of fabricators precisely weld tubular steel to create the floors, roofs and side walls of the motorhome. The level of steel fabrication varies depending on the chassis and the coach design. From reinforcing cut-outs on the Mercedes-Benz uni-body chassis to the complete steel-framed super body of the Plateau XL models, the time spent in this first phase of construction exceeds fifty hours per motorhome. As a comparison, an average class C motorhome that is mass produced is completely assembled and ready to paint in two and a half days.

Once the welding process has been completed, the fibreglass department takes over and hand fits each customized piece of fibreglass to its specific coach. Each fibreglass component is formed into a mold, which first is sprayed with a paintable gel coat, and then a mixture of resin and fibreglass is sprayed into the mold to the precise thickness required for the strength and structural integrity of that piece. After the fibreglass has been sprayed into the mold, a trained team will methodically hand roll the entire part to ensure that there are no air pockets and the fibreglass is uniform throughout the part. This time-consuming process further ensures that each component meets or exceeds our high quality standards.


Bonding fibreglass to either steel or fibreglass components is regarded as a superior technique relative to other forms of fastening. Fibreglass is bonded to steel using a product called Sika Flex. This special adhesive ensures a higher standard of structural strength and allows fibreglass components, such as our one-piece molded Plateau XL roof, to be attached to the body without having to use multiple fasteners. By eliminating the process of screwing exterior parts to the chassis, Pleasure-Way has eliminated potential entry points for water leaks that typically plague the recreational vehicle industry.

Another distinguishing feature you will find in Pleasure-Wayís production process is our use of Glasurit® automotive paint on all of our surfaces. Glasurit® is commonly found on such famous automotive brands as Rolls Royce, Bentley and Mercedes-Benz. This product is far superior to the more common and far more economical gelcoat finishes typically found throughout the recreational vehicle industry. Therefore, at Pleasure-Way, every part, such as the fibreglass running boards, must be sanded by hand to ensure the proper paint procedures are being met to produce that perfect paint finish you expect to see on a luxury vehicle.

Each piece is sanded, primed, painted and finally clear coated by hand to achieve this high-end, luxurious result. Even what are commonly considered to be the less consequential parts of a motorhome, such as exterior vents and hatches, are all painted to match the exterior of our coaches.

Attention to detail and our commitment to quality and safety (as well as our refusal to compromise quality for cost and time savings) set Pleasure-Way Motorhomes above the rest. We refuse to settle for less than the best so why should you?

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