In the Details

Pleasure-Way Industries prides itself in their attention detail. The true artisanal nature of our manufacturing, Corian countertops,  squeek free flooring designed to perfection and complete custom built sofas are just a small sample of the details that go into the exquisitely built Pleasure-Way motorhome.

In the Details – Corian

This video provides a closer look at the labour intensive process of crafting the Corian surfaces found in our motorhomes. The CNC router starts the process by cutting the initial shape of each piece. We then hand-sand the entire surface of the Corian, ensuring no area is left untouched. In order to achieve the finest results we sand each piece three separate times, varying the degree of sandpaper grit for each session.

The Corian surfaces are finished with two intense sessions of hand polishing. This is an integral step in producing the deep and rich finished product. On average, we spend a total of sixteen hours hand-sanding and polishing the Corian surfaces for each motorhome.

In the Details – Flooring

This video provides a closer look at the lengthy procedure we go through to provide a solid, stable and squeak-free floor. We start by laying the CNC routed plywood sub-floor, which fits the flooring footprint of each motorhome exactly with interlocking pieces. The sub-floor is secured in place using screws, ensuring its stability and strength. We then fill every screw hole and seam made from this process, which is followed by a final sanding to leave the sub-floor smooth with no imperfections.

It is only once this standard has been achieved that the carpet and linoleum is glued into place. The last step in the process is laying a fine bead of silicone at all points where the linoleum meets the lower cabinetry. This ensure no moisture will seep under and damage the sub-floor.

In The Details – Upholstery

This video provides a closer look inside our upholstery department. The three-tiered approach we take for ensuring a good night’s sleep is shown. This includes creating a sofa that contains a base layer of medium density foam and topped with a layer of visco-elastic memory foam. Additionally, each sofa is covered in Ultra Leather with a layer of Dacron sewn in. The end result is a hand-crafted sofa that has been custom built with exacting standards and the utmost quality.