Production Update

Due to supply chain issues beyond our control Pleasure-Way Industries has stopped accepting customer sold orders from our dealer network. Pleasure-Way is in full production, producing motorhomes daily for our dealer network stock inventory.

Microchip Shortage Creating Supply Issues

The microchip shortage, as an example, has impacted our chassis suppliers ability to produce chassis. The chip shortage has also affected some of the optional features that may not be available at the time these chassis are built for us.

Production Shifting To Build Dealer Stock Only

In order to be fully transparent and avoid potential disappointment and delivery delays, our production strategy of building dealer inventory assures all parties are fully aware of what features and options our motorhomes have at the point of purchase. Additionally, this helps streamline our production by allowing greater scheduling flexibility based on our incoming chassis supply.

How To Find A Specific Pleasure-Way Model

If you are looking for a particular model we will assist in finding one for you. Contact us for more information on model availability or have your name added to a future call list.

Please email: with all inquires.

Pleasure-Way Production Line