8 Must-Have Gear for Your Pleasure-Way Adventure Van

Whether or not you upgrade your van, there are accessories that can elevate your adventure. When it comes to pushing the boundaries of travel, these accessories are designed to help you do just that. Don’t get me wrong, the 4×4 Rekon is built for off-road adventures, but these upgrades will improve your van’s performance and look damn sharp at the same time.

1. Storage Boxes

Having extra storage and protection for valuable items is essential in your van, as these vans are made for gear hauling. These boxes are perfect for outdoor storage because they can be mounted to the outside of your van to keep it clean and free up space inside. Owl Vans carry a variety of sizes. We opted for two expedition large boxes knowing we wanted to store ALL outdoor items, such as camping chairs, mini firepit, moonshade, portable toilet, etc…this was our number one must-have for the van and it’s been one of the biggest game-changers.

Owl Vans Expedition Box and the 1 Up Bike Tray.

2. Bike Tray

If you love mountain biking as we do, or cycling in general, the 1up bike tray is the ultimate accessory for your van. Without a doubt, your bike will remain stable and secure on and off-road. In addition, it comes with a locking mount that makes a powerful deterrent against bike theft. The beauty of taking your bike everywhere with you is you can see the world from a whole new perspective. Not only that but having an extra set of transportation is invaluable in case of an emergency.

3. Suspension Kit

The first and most exquisite upgrade we made to our van. Do you love venturing off the beaten path just as much as we do? Upgrade your suspension kit to the Agile RIP Kit for ultimate off-road capabilities. The ride improvement is off-the-charts! Whether you’re driving along a rugged path or uneven roads, the van will handle it with ease with the upgraded suspension kit!

Agile RIP Kit

4. On-Board Air Compressor

If you love to travel off-grid and stay in remote locations, having an onboard air compressor is essential. I love that our ARB On Board Air Compressor is mounted inside the engine, so it doesn’t take up any space elsewhere. To air up on a whim and in a matter of minutes is definitely worth the investment. We have used it not only for the van but also for our Jeep and mountain bikes. If you want a more affordable alternative, I recommend the portable Smittybilt Universal Air Compressor which is powerful as well. We’ve had our Smittybilt for 4 years, which has never failed us and is a great backup to the onboard compressor.

5. Tire Deflators

The most recent upgrade we did to the van was the wheel and tires to 17″ Black Rhino Arsenal wheels with the Apex RPV Fast Deflating Valve Stem and BFG KO2 275/70 through Agile Off Road. Here’s what you need to know when taking your adventure van off-road. It’s imperative to air down tires when driving on rough terrain to ensure better traction. The Apex RPV Fast Deflating Valve Stem allows you to deflate each tire in seconds with just a simple pull! You can also use this Pro Tire Deflator Kit. Once the deflators are set to the right PSI pressure, screw them onto the tires and sit back while they work.

17″ Black Rhino Arsenal rims

6. Fuel Canister

Having a RotopaX Fuel Canister is essential when taking your adventure van overlanding, off-roading, or backcountry camping. As we live on the road full-time and are always looking for new routes to explore, having one or two fuel canisters is always helpful in case of an emergency.

7. Max Trax

You think you won’t need them until you do. The GoTreads are handy for getting you out of hairy situations such as sand, snow, and mud but get this…they also work as a leveling tool! An efficient and effective recovery tool that is multifunctional is difficult to beat. Not to mention these GoTreads are compact and lightweight so they won’t take up space in your van!

8. Life Saver Jerrycan

There is no doubt that water is a primary essential for everything from dishes to drinking water. The importance of it cannot be overstated when traveling, as it contributes to both safety and survival. While the included 40 U.S. Gal freshwater tank provides ample water supply for everyday living, having an extra container is practical for free use and quick replenishment. The Life Saver Jerrycan is the perfect on-the-go purifying/filtering unit for clean drinking water anywhere.

Boondocking – New Mexico

In The End…

Road trips and van living are completely different, but when choosing the right gear – it will make life much easier, and could possibly mean the difference between staying on the road for an extended time or cutting it short after a few months. There are always going to be lessons along the way. Prepare yourself for the road with realistic expectations and the gear you need to be comfortable, safe, and happy.

Thank you for reading! We’re excited to continue sharing our journey with our Pleasure-Way REKON adventure van, feel free to follow us on Instagram or check out the blog at www.emwanderment.com