Van Life Tips: Taking Safety Precautions While Traveling

Whether you live in a van or an RV, the freedom that comes with this lifestyle is very rewarding. It’s fun, it’s exciting but it also comes with its challenges. One of the most critical elements to think about while living on the road is how to take certain safety precautions and not let your dream living turn into a nightmare.

Don’t let your fears get in the way of traveling, living your best life, and experiencing the natural beauty of our Earth.

This article will provide you with the best tips on how to stay safe in your van. Whether you’re taking a road trip, living full-time or part-time – I hope these tips help you stay safe so you can happily enjoy life on the road.

Kaibab National Forest off US Hwy 89A | Arizona

Top 6 Tips For Van Life Safety

1. Trust Your Instinct

Always trust your natural instinct, if something doesn’t feel right with you or you don’t feel comfortable – then that little voice inside of you is telling you something [don’t stay there]. Luckily, you’re living in a tiny home on wheels so you can quickly pack up and go if needed. Never ignore your instinct, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you are traveling with your other half and don’t feel comfortable, trust them too. Wes and I have been in a situation where I didn’t think much of our camping spot but he was feeling really uneasy. So we simply decided to pack up and move on to the next.

The last thing you want to do is stay in a spot where you’re feeling uncomfortable – and to be honest you might not even sleep well. Listen to your instinct, you have the liberty to move whenever you want.

2. Lock Your Doors & Blackout Shades

Always lock your doors at night. Whether you’re staying, well ANYWHERE, simply lock your doors [make it a habit]. Especially if you are staying in or near a town/city, make that your number one priority before you’re in chill mode.

Brown Springs Campground | Farmington, New Mexico

Also, to prevent wandering eyes from peeking into your space at night, blackout shades will stop them from doing so. Whether it’s blackout shades or curtains, the best practice is to put them up as soon as the sun goes down.

3. Be Conscious Of Your Surroundings

It’s important to pay close attention and take mental notes of what you’re surrounded by and maybe even who you’re surrounded by to help you find a safe camp spot for the night. Personally, Wes and I prefer to find remote and off-the-grid areas where not a soul is in sight. That’s just who we are.

However, if you’re camping with family or friends, it’s always safe to stick together or at least be within eyesight of each other.

Kaibab National Forest – Forest Service Road 248 | Arizona

4. Have An Exit Plan

Always have an exit plan once you’ve found a camp spot for the night, even if you feel safe. Having an exit plan is crucial in case something does happen. Have a designated spot for your keys, keep your driver’s seat clear from clutter, and park your van in a way that allows an easy exit.

5. Hide Your Valuables

If you are planning to leave your van unattended, make an effort to keep your valuables out of sight and find a hidden place for them. Things like your cameras, laptops, tablets, cash, and even your passport can be kept in the most non-obvious spaces of your van.

6. Invest In Anti-Theft Devices

Installing an alarm if your van doesn’t already have one is a great way to enhance your safety. There are many aftermarkets that can be installed at a reasonable price. If you are carrying expensive valuables inside and out of your van, this option is one of the best ideas.

We’ve also installed a pedal control box to our REKON which has theft mode. If we ever plan to park at a trailhead for a hike or go mountain biking, we switch it on theft mode via the app and the van becomes undrivable.

In the end

We love traveling and living full-time in our van, it’s actually safer than what people think. With that being said, always be more cautious, follow your instincts, and do your part in making those smart decisions to minimize being at risk of being in vulnerable situations

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