What’s New For 2024 At Pleasure-Way

The 2024 Pleasure-Way lineup is officially here and we have the first look at the new and exciting features! The 2024 model year includes some of the most significant upgrades we have ever made and we’re happy to announce that all the new upgrades will be standard features. Let’s get started!

600 Amp Hours of Lithium Batteries

Pleasure-Way was the first RV manufacturer to make lithium batteries standard back in 2016. Since then, we have installed over 11,000 lithium batteries. For 2024, we have *TRIPLED* the size of our UL Listed, self-heating Eco-Ion lithium battery package from 200 to 600 Amp hours! This upgrade is standard across all our models. 

Dual 300Ah lithium coach batteries standard in each 2024 model.
Eco-Ion Earth Smart Lithium Battery.

3000 Watt Xantrex Inverter

We have paired the massive 600Ah battery bank with the Xantrex Freedom XC PRO 3000-Watt True Sine Wave Inverter. This is upgraded from the previous 2000-Watt version and now features a 100-Amp lithium specific battery charger. Additionally, we have integrated inverter controls into the 10-inch touchscreens for further ease of use.

Master switch for Xantrex Freedom XC Pro 3000-Watt Inverter.

Truma Aventa Eco Air Conditioner

Pleasure-Way’s relationship with Truma continues to strengthen with the addition of the new Truma Aventa Eco 13,500 BTU rooftop air conditioner. The new Truma Aventa Eco is quieter, more efficient, and has three manual cooling modes along with auto cooling and a night mode. Due to the overall efficiency of this 120 Volt air conditioner, it can be run off the inverter and lithium battery bank! (Please Note: The Truma Aventa Eco A/C is not available on the Ontour 2.0)

Interior vent for new Truma Aventa Eco A/C.

Charging The Lithium Batteries 

Other manufacturers offer a secondary alternator to their already expensive optional lithium battery package. Pleasure-Way continues to install the Onan generator as a standard feature in our motorhomes. Charging lithium batteries has long been the primary challenge. By giving consumers multiple methods to charge their lithium batteries, we do not limit the battery’s charging abilities, nor do we isolate charging to only one specific source. You can charge your battery bank these various ways:

  • Engine alternator through a DC/DC charger.
  • Shore power via 100-Amp charger.
  • Go Power! rooftop solar panels.
  • Onan generator via 100-Amp charger.
New power management page showcasing all charging methods in a simple read-out.

With all these options, you still have the ability to run your generator to offset battery usage without having to run your engine. Diesel engines, in particular, do not like to be idled for long periods of time and risk particulate filter issues with extended idling. With our AGS (auto gen start) feature you can set the parameters for your generator to start and charge the batteries automatically—just follow the easy AGS set up guide.

Upgraded 10-Inch Touchscreen Control Panels

Pleasure-Way’s commitment to providing innovative technology is evidenced by our use of the cutting-edge advanced Energy Management System (EMS). The 10-inch displays received a resolution enhancement that allows for better viewing in direct sunlight and wider viewing angles. Further, the newly designed interface makes the user experience simpler and friendlier. Upgrades to the EMS and affiliated programing continues to evolve and leads the sector with features such as:

  • real-time battery usage
  • real-time battery charging by source.
  • Auto climate control
  • Auto Generator Start with easy set up guide.
  • EMS automatically prioritizes 120 Volt power draws, so you don’t trip your breakers. 
10-inch touchscreen control panel in the 2024 Plateau TS.
New homepage layout with Truma climate control center.

Extended Five Year Mercedes-Benz Warranty

Pleasure-Way’s outstanding craftsmanship and quality build is renowned throughout the RV industry. All Pleasure-Way Motorhomes are backed by one of the best coach warranties in the business. Now, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz, the chassis will also include a five year, 75,000 mile Mercedes-Benz basic warranty*. The extended Mercedes-Benz warranty is not an aftermarket add-on, but an extension of the original Mercedes-Benz three year warranty. This results in travelling more miles with less worry! *Only available on 2023 MB Chassis or newer.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The 2024 model year marks one of the most exciting lineups we have ever produced. The combination of 600Ah lithium batteries, a 3000-Watt inverter and the efficient Truma Aventa air conditioner will keep you on the road for longer with more freedom to roam. Enjoy ultimate freedom with the 2024 Pleasure-Way lineup!