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In June of 1999, Pleasure-Way hosted its first manufacturing-sponsored rally in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The rally, which featured guided tours of the manufacturing facilities, Q & A sessions with Pleasure-Way personnel and suppliers, fun and games nights, a casino, a ‘pitchfork fondu’, pancake breakfasts, and a sing-along and dance, proved to be a smashing success. At Pleasure-Way Industries, we believe that meeting new friends and sharing adventures is an important part of the Pleasure-Way experience. Following that first Pleasure Way Industries rally in June, 1999, a Pleasure-Way owners club was formed by Barbara Potts and Ele Cox in 2000. Although planned primarily as a club for Pleasure-Way owners in the western states, it is open to owners from anywhere in the United States and Canada, with membership in the 200-250 range.

Two other clubs have now joined PWRVCW: Pleasure-Way RV Club East (PWRVCE), and a Western Canadian Club. Although there is interaction between the leaders of the clubs, each is an independent organization, informally organized and without outside club affiliations. Each Pleasure-Way Owner’s Club publishes a club newsletter, with information on such things as rallies and tours, member ads, travel experiences, and helpful hints related to RV modifications and repair. Rallies are generally held within the geographical area that the club name signifies; some owners join more than one club because of travel plans or a second seasonal home, wishing to be part of PW events in both areas!

Those interested in further information may contact any of the following coordinators:

Pleasure-Way RV Club West (PWRVCW):

Nancy Saunders

Pleasure-Way RV Club East (PWRVCE):

Bobbi Bergstrom

Western Canada Club

Rosemarie and George Bull