6 Reasons Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Travel In An RV.

Staying indoors has been a challenge for everyone. We’ve spent more time indoors than ever before, which has allowed us time to re-think on how travel looks in 2020. Thankfully, businesses, National Parks and campgrounds have slowly reopened, giving opportunity to explore areas in our own region. There is a shift as we focus on an evergreen way of travel – RVing, and there has never been a better time for it. Here’s why we think RVing in a Pleasure-Way can be the perfect way to vacation in 2020.

Your RV is the ultimate social distancing vehicle

RVing inherently lends itself to social distancing. Traveling in a self-contained, compact motorhome, allows you the freedom of changing scenery and manage how many people you see. With 8 practical floorplans, there is a Pleasure-Way motorhome to suit your RV adventure.

Photo: Cam and Dawn Pollock | Plateau XLTD

Enjoy the comforts of home on the road

Many Class B RVs today are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind – it is literally your home on wheels. Pleasure-Way’s motorhomes are compact, fun to drive, with all the comforts of home. The Ascent TS offers a spacious kitchen, private wet bath, comfortable dining area, and rear comfort sleep system to help you get the best nights rest for your next adventure.

Ascent TS | High Gloss White Chocolate Radius Cabinetry

An opportunity to discover your local wildlands

While travel does remain limited, this is the perfect opportunity to explore your region’s national parks and wildlife. Check out your local park websites that can help you plan your camping adventure.

Photo: Aruna Kalutanthri – Mount Robson, B.C. | Lexor TS  
Photo: Aruna Kalutanthri  – Jordan River, Vancouver Island, B.C. | Lexor TS 

RVing brings family together

There’s nothing like a spontaneous day-trip to see the smiles on the faces on the ones we love! All Pleasure-Way models are fantastic for road tripping, each equipped with four seat belts. The Tofino is a natural fit. Road trips have never been easier with this sporty Class B. The Tofino offers an impressive 70 cubic feet of rear storage, a spacious overhead bunk with zippered vents and controlled interior lighting. Not to mention the optional heavy duty steel roof rack – perfect for loading up bikes and whisking the kids away for a day of fun!

Photo: Don Garmin | Tofino

Beat cabin fever

The beauty of RVing? You don’t have to hop on a plane or venture far for a vacation. The comforts and conveniences of home are built in all Pleasure-Way RVs, so that you can navigate in a safe, healthy environment you control. Beat cabin fever on your own terms.

Dry camping

With camping quickly becoming a popular alternative, Pleasure-Way motorhomes remain a versatile and functional option with their ease of maneuverability and set up. Why bother searching for a powered campsite? Every Pleasure-Way motorhome comes standard equipped with a 2000 watt Pure-sine inverter, 200Ah Eco-Ion lithium batteries, multiplex wiring and available 100-300 watt solar panel packages. It’s as simple as finding a spot and parking.

Photo: Elaine Baker Meigs | Ontour 2.0

Boost local businesses

Check out what your community has to offer by stocking up on supplies from your local vendors, or grab take out for two from your local restaurant .The Ontour 2.2 dining space offers an induction cook-top, ultraleather seating, and a 360 swivel table mount system. Discover your local fare options, and enjoy an evening in.

Photo: John and Souny | Ontour 2.2
Photo: John and Souny | Ontour 2.2

RVing is fun because it’s exhilarating and convenient. Whether you’re new to RVing or you’re a seasoned boondocker, there are countless reasons to plan your next adventure in an RV. Life on the road has changed, but we can always find ways to get out and explore!