We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new Pleasure-Way Pathfinders!

Meet our impactful and adventurous group of creative individuals who share their passion and love for travel in Pleasure-Way Motorhomes.

Amethel Parel-Sewell

When we got The Light Chaser, our 2021 Pleasure-Way Lexor, it was a dream come true for our souls full of lifelong wanderlust. I’m Amethel and my co-captain in van life is my husband and best friend, Ken. After a few years of awesome adventures from desert plains to endless coastal roads and snow-capped mountains, The Light Chaser has become a beloved part of our family. While we consider ourselves world citizens, our home base is in California, which has the most National Parks in the U.S. Our most favorite parks are here on the Best Coast, including Yosemite and Joshua Tree.
I’m an editor-in-chief, creative director, photographer, and educator. Ken is an architect who can get too distracted by buildings and cityscapes instead of watching the road while driving. Our shared passions include travel, photography, nature, moonlit-nights, finding treasures off the beaten path, and our two sons. When we’re not chasing beautiful light, you’ll find us making fresh coffee in our van, dreaming up our next adventure.

Cary Alburn

I’m Cary Alburn. I’m 80 years old, and I’m a retired attorney, and I’ve also been a commercial pilot and flight instructor. I still fly, now just for the fun of it. I live with my dog Scout, a 5 3/4 year old Golden Retriever. He goes with me everywhere, including in the car, the camper, and my airplane. My girlfriend (later my first wife) invited me to go camping with her and her family in their Shasta travel trailer. Her dad involved me in understanding all the working parts of the trailer and the tow car, including after that first trip, dumping the holding tank! I was looking at Class Bs 7 years ago, and although I enjoyed tent camping, I wanted to get another RV. Then I saw an ad for PleasureWay, so I did some internet research and learned that at that time, there was a dealer only a few miles away, LazyDays. I called, and they had six Ascents they expected to receive any day .Once I took it for a drive, and then they allowed me to spend a couple hours inside it, I was impressed with the quality of the build out, and I decided to buy it. Three weeks later, I took delivery, on October 30, 2017. My PW is a 2018 Ascent, which I’ve named MOBY II.

Fun fact about me: in 2001, I took my 19’ SeaRay boat, accompanied only by my then dog Maggie, through the San Juan Islands up along the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, a 1000 mile journey that lasted 28 days. I later wrote a book about the trip, The Ultimate Small Boat Adventure, which is still available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I still have the boat, although it hasn’t been in the water in several years.

Jean Wagner

Hello fellow Pathfinders, I’m Jean.
Adventure enthusiast and Fun Seeker, I am always on the go. There are not too many places I haven’t been to but I’m definitely going.
During the summer of 1959, my late husband and I road-tripped Europe in our VW bug. Waking up in a picturesque village outside of Paris, backs hurting and nowhere to go to the restroom, we decided that tent camping wasn’t our thing.
When we returned home from Germany in 1961, we built our first camper in our backyard.
(I was 23…. I’ll let you calculate my age… 😊)
We upgraded throughout the years and once you experience a Pleasure Way, there is no other way!
My current PW was picked because she reminds me of myself… compact, blue accents, older (1998) but still going strong with a lot of life left.
My motto is Go See DO and my Pleasure Way helps me live up to my nickname ON THE GO JEAN.
I can’t wait to share all of my adventures with you!
Happy Traveling!

Lindsey Hewlette

In order for Jean to be ON THE GO, someone has to hold down the fort!

That is where I come in, Cinderella Lindsey. 🤣

Jean’s Personal Assistant, Property Manager, Marketing and Social Media Manager, or my true title… granddaughter. I make sure everything is handled so her Pleasure-Way’s wheels can go round.

I’ll be helping Jean Mema tell her story one Instagram post at a time.

We are so excited to share her travels and we hope that everyone gets a chance to GO SEE DO.

Happy Traveling!

Liz Voosen

Hi, I’m Liz and I first saw a class B van at a campout in 2011. Who knew such compact, functional and fun RVs existed? Not me. I did some research and fell in love with a 2011 Pleasure Way Plateau MP (a six-seater on the Mercedes chassis). My kids were raised travelling California and the rest of the USA in that van. Every other month we’d head out to explore state and national parks and meet up with friends. We especially made good use of the kitchen (even at hotels) as two of us have food restrictions. Our Pleasure Way has given me, a person with celiac disease, the freedom to travel easily. My kids are almost all grown now, and my husband and I moved up to a 2023 Pleasure Way OnTour 2.2 (which the kids are now asking to borrow for their own trips!) I’ll be traveling the USA this summer with my youngest, working on the road (I’m a nutritionist and yoga instructor) in between sightseeing and visiting friends. My Pleasure Way is a great space to meet virtually with clients and store my yoga gear between events. If you see me, please stop and say hi! I’d love to meet you.

Lisa & Anthony Petrarca

Hi, we’re Lisa and Anthony Petrarca.
We’re 57 and 58 year olds who’ve been living our vanlife dream for 4 years.
We decided buying a van that would fit our hiking/surfing/adventure seeking lifestyle, giving us the comfort of home wherever we travel.
We did research for over a year, watching van feature comparisons videos online.
Pleasure-Way checked all the boxes and once we sat inside we knew it was everything we were looking for!
We purchased a, “new to us,” 2015 Pleasure-Way Lexor TS in April of 2020.
It’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.
We’re living our dream life!

Fun fact about us: We began a family tradition…taking each of our 10 grandkids on overnight vanlife birthday adventures of their choice (desert/mountains/beach) once they turn 5 years old and each year after.
It’s been a huge hit!
We love teaching them to enjoy the outdoor/travel lifestyle as much as we do.

Margaret Kosiba

After 56 years in the healthcare industry with few breaks, I eagerly purchased my Pleasure-Way Plateau TS 2021.5 to explore the country. With degrees in nursing, business, and applied economics, I held roles in medical analysis, management, and editorial assistance for journals like Archives of Surgery and Liver Transplantation. Now traveling up to seven months annually for three years, I plan to spend over two months in Alaska in 2025. It took five years of studying the RV industry before retiring, and I knew I would choose Pleasure-Way for its quality and safety, while Traveling solo with my beloved 14+ old Norwegian Forest cat, Benji Boo. In retirement, I dove into photography (Nikon), watercolor, and drawing, always with camera, tripod, and supplies in tow, eager to learn! Hiking, wildlife, sunrises, sunsets, botanical gardens, and meeting new people are my travel passions, along with visiting my 12 siblings across the U.S. Despite recently moving from California to Northern Arizona, my heart remains in the Southwest.

Sally Aston

I purchased my Pleasure-Way Tofino in December 2023. My first experiences of van life were with a 1966 VW camper and later a 2002 Eurovan. Last year, I decided it was time to upgrade my van experience and purchase a larger, more reliable van so that I could go on bigger adventures. I ride and race my bikes (mountain, road and gravel) all over the South Western United States and the van is the best way to transport myself, bikes and often times my husband and dog too. I researched and test drove lots of class B vans but really had my eye on a Tofino because it checked all the boxes for me: spacious yet able to park on my driveway, a daily driver, great value for money and the pop top for extra headroom. Not long after made my decision, a gently used 2021 Tofino came up for sale locally and it was meant to be! I call him Louie Tofino.

Fun fact about me: I was born in and raised in Scotland but the desert has been my home for the past 28 years, I visit Scotland almost every summer to see my family.

Scott Krycia

Scott Krycia: Capturing the World’s Beauty While on the Road in my Pleasure-Way Tofino.
My journey as a photographer began at the tender age of 10, when a chance encounter with the world of photography ignited a lifelong passion for the art form.
Based in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, I pursued my love for photography through education and practical experience. In the professional arena, I established an outstanding reputation collaborating with companies such as MLB Baseball, Majestic Athletic, NatGeo Traveler, The NorthFace, Harley Davidson, Sony Pictures, and Martin Guitar, among others. My process in shooting still photography on film and television sets, concert tours, and diverse projects allowed me to refine my craft, all the while venturing across the globe.
Renowned for my travel and landscape photography, I have embarked on journeys to locations throughout the US and beyond. Oftentimes seeking the road less traveled, opting to sleep in my surroundings to maximize time for my images, that have been featured on CNN.com, and entrepreneur.com among other outlets. I am a true adventurer at heart, my pursuit of inspiration knows no bounds.