A Whole New “Wild” World – New Owner Holly’s Maiden Voyage

Dipping Our Toes In

Hi! My name’s Holly Frush, and I’m a wife, entrepreneur, designer, and RV newbie.

Holly and her husband, Jim.

I would not consider myself an adventurer, a nomad, or an adrenaline junkie. I don’t want to hike that mountain, swim in that lake, fly on that plane, bungee jump, zip line, or skydive.  As a matter of fact, I am afraid of many things.  Even though I own a successful business, I have privately struggled my whole life with agoraphobia. This debilitating anxiety and panic disorder makes my world very small.  Not many people understand what this means, and I try to keep it very close to myself, as it’s hard to understand unless you have it yourself. A trip to the grocery store, a walk around the block, or just driving can become Mount Everest, and a high percentage of agoraphobics unfortunately become housebound.
So, imagine my trepidation when my husband got serious about purchasing an RV.  Remember, neither of us had ever been in an RV, much less driven one anywhere.  After watching months of YouTube walk-through videos of every type of Class B vehicle, we honed in on our criteria and purchased a 2022 Pleasure-Way Plateau TS / MB.    

Our Why

Since I have not flown in years, my husband thought this would be a great way to just drive in luxury from point A to point B when going on a distance trip.  We wanted to be comfortable, have the option to pull over and take a driving break if needed, and not have to make multiple daily decisions on where we were going to stop for clean restrooms and healthy food. We also wanted it to be easy to stay in a hotel if we wanted to.  My husband wanted a diesel and a whole lot of mechanical items I did not understand.  Being a designer, I wanted pretty with top-notch construction and finishes – a nice bathroom, a large kitchen sink, and the biggest refrigerator/freezer we could get.  All my past vehicles have been white, and they all have been christened with the name Princess.  So, we named our new white Pleasure-Way Princess in The Wild, which has a dual meaning.  Not only is our new RV taking us outdoors to new places, but I am also stretching outside of my comfort zone and going into “the wild.” 

“Princess in the Wild” – Photo by Holly Frush

Diving In

We jumped right in and took our maiden voyage from Dallas, TX, to Newport Beach, CA. We were learning as we went.  We fully immersed ourselves and explored our options along the way, including staying in a friend’s driveway, a Harvest Host, a KOA campground, a huge RV Resort – Newport Dunes – and several amazing hotels along the way. We cooked healthily, watched some Netflix, and spent time with fun friends.  I think we did a great job quickly purchasing items for the van and packing it for our first trip.  It was also nice to meet and talk to other owners of all types of RVs and get their most used items list. My favourite items purchased so far are a lighted rechargeable vanity mirror for the passenger visor (a must-have), a mini Shark rechargeable handheld vacuum, and my rechargeable LED portable weatherproof dining lamps. Not to mention the boring stuff like double-sided Velcro and zip ties (also must-haves).

Photo by Holly Frush

Exploring Further

Our eyes have been opened to an entire new RV world out there, and we are having so much fun planning our next trip and utilizing new apps and gadgets. We really love the Pleasure-Way community Facebook group.  The wealth of information is priceless. I recommend to any RV wannabe or newbie to join a Facebook community sooner rather than later.  That will be your go-to for all your questions and possibly even making some new friends.  A lot of people have therapy animals; this might turn out to be my therapy motorhome.

We look forward to expanding our way of life.  We both work from home and are excited just to go anytime we want and be able to work with a view.

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