Camping Strategies for Off-Grid Living | 5 Ways To Beat The Heat In Your Pleasure-Way

How To Stay Cool When You’re Off-Grid

Now that summer is here, that means sunshine and heat! If you’re an RV-lover who dry-camps, you might be wondering how to beat the heat without giving up your off-grid lifestyle. Here are some simple strategies for staying cool and comfortable this summer:

Adrianna Robledo | Rekon owner

#1: Know your surroundings and park smart

This one might seem obvious at first, but it can pay off big time. If you know what kind of terrain is around where you’re camping, then you’ll be able to estimate how much shade will be available. Chose areas that will provide the most shade during peak hours of sunlight exposure (usually 9 am – 3 pm).

Didem Turker | Lexor owner

#2: Use portable fans

If you are in a campground or out in the wild, bring along a small fan for airflow inside your rig. With the Xantrex 2000 Watt Inverter, powered by the Eco-Ion 200Ah lithium batteries, you have the option to plug in an electric fan when you’re not plugged into shore power or running the generator (a great option for parked RVs). These will help keep your rig’s interior temperature down by circulating air throughout the room.

Portable camping fans

#3: Ventilate at dusk

When it’s cooler outside, open up windows and doors on all sides of the vehicle when possible so that hot air can escape while letting cool night air flow through. Pleasure-Way motorhomes come equipped with a Fan-Tastic roof vent fan to achieve the best ventilation. The roof vent fan pushes the hot air out to maximize cool airflow throughout the galley. This is especially important if you’ve been driving or running appliances during the day; the fans help disperse pockets of trapped heat.

Fred Kruse | Plateau owner

#4: Keep it shady

Keep your shades closed, even during the day. Letting in natural light can make things hotter inside your RV. All Pleasure-Way motorhomes are fitted with MCD roller shades, that are designed for solar protection and made from 100% light-blocking materials that will help keep the heat at bay. In addition to the roller shades, Pleasure-Way motorhomes also come with front cab privacy overlays. These window coverings are fully form-fitted to your windshield and cab doors to reduce heat build-up inside your RV. Another great option is Pleasure-Way’s retractable power awning. The motorized awning is an excellent way to protect both your interior from the build-up of heat and reduce the temperature gain from the sun on your RV.

#5: Move to a cooler climate

The great advantage of owning an RV is that you can pick up and move whenever you want. So the best suggestion for keeping cool is to avoid hot climates altogether. Temperatures will typically drop about 4 degrees (F) For every 1000 feet of elevation. So when temperatures climb, move to a higher elevation.

Susan Doak | Tofino owner

Planning for summer travel doesn’t have to be difficult. A few simple changes to your regular routine can help you feel cool in the summer heat. Whether you’re planning a trip with friends or traveling solo, these five tips will help you enjoy your off-grid adventure. 

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