Pleasure-Way REKON 4×4 Adventure Van

Get ready to tackle uncharted terrain in the new Pleasure-Way REKON 4×4 adventure van. Built on the powerful Mercedes-Benz 2500 Sprinter 4×4 chassis, the REKON performs like nothing else in our line-up. The demand for a compact RV capable of supporting extensive overlanding and off-the-grid living has never been greater. We designed the REKON 4×4 with the sole purpose of supporting this demand and tackling the unique needs of those looking for the utmost freedom when choosing their next overland adventure. 

Fresh water for days

One of the most important considerations when overlanding or boondocking is fresh water availability. To accommodate this, we designed the REKON to fit a massive 40 gallon fresh water tank that will greatly extend the time you can remain off-grid. The fresh water tank is strategically located inside the REKON, between the rear wheel wells, to give you the best possible weight distribution while providing greater ground clearance. 

40 gallons of fresh water capacity will drastically extend your off-grid adventures.

11-inch ground clearance

If overland freedom is your goal, ground clearance is a critical factor. The REKON features no water lines, holding tanks or gate valves underneath the chassis. In fact, the Sprinter undercarriage is completely unaltered from the Mercedes-Benz factory. This leaves you with 11 inches of ground clearance and full confidence the REKON will handle any terrain, weather or road condition you throw at it.

The REKON features 11 inches of ground clearance.

All the gear

The REKON Garage is the largest available in a 19 foot 4×4 van, providing 124 cubic feet of storage space. With this much available space, the storage solutions and equipment accommodations are endless.

The REKON Garage measures 44″ W x 72″ L.

For further packing refinement, the L-track tie-down system allows you to easily secure your bikes, storage bins, and all other cargo if you plan to track through rough terrain. The flexible cargo net storage system adds even more storage solutions to the wildly functional REKON Garage.

Effortlessly fit all varieties of sporting equipment, camping gear and cargo bins.
Use the L-track tie-down system to safely secure all cargo.

Fully customizable sleep system/work area

The murphy bed system creates the largest bed you will find in this size of adventure van. A 70” X 72” rear bed easily folds down while maintaining 54 cubic feet of garage storage space below. Head room while sleeping is maximized by using soft cargo nets as the rear storage solution. The REKON bed was designed for sleeping lengthwise (back to front), which makes it simple to get in and out of bed without disturbing your partner. If you are a solo traveler, enjoy the option to remove one of the beds to give yourself even more living space.

The largest bed in a Sprinter 4×4 van.

Lastly, by removing the cushions from the driver side single bed, it transforms into a durable 22.5” x 72” workstation or acts as a significant expansion to your kitchen prep area.

Transform the REKON Garage into your extended kitchen or workstation.

A boondocking powerhouse

With a 400Ah lithium battery bank, 400-Watts of roof-mounted solar, and a 2000-Watt Pure-sine wave inverter, your coach power system can be self-sustaining. This allows for absolute freedom while overlanding without the worry of draining your power supply.

400Ah bank of Eco-Ion lithium coach batteries.

The multiplex wiring system, featuring dual 10-inch touchscreen control panels, easily displays all relevant coach information at your fingertips. With real-time battery and solar monitoring, you can see how much power you are consuming or how much power you are adding to the battery system. The REKON offers complete control of your boondocking experience with use of the DC power consumption gauge. This feature monitors your DC power usage and displays a real-time estimation of the time remaining (displayed down to the minute) before the batteries are fully depleted. This results in a greater understanding of how long you can operate your coach before needing to charge the batteries.

The REKON features two 10-inch touchscreen control panels.

Multifunction bathroom/gear locker

The REKON’s dual-function wet bath/gear locker makes best use of the limited space in this 19 foot floorplan. When set up for use as a traditional wet bath, you will find a 5 gallon cassette toilet, hand-held showerhead and a ducted heat vent for drying. Swiftly transform the bathroom to your gear locker by installing the removable shelf and closet rod storage system. This flexible configuration gives you plenty of options whether you are on a short trip or a long haul.

The REKON Gear Locker.
The configurations for the bathroom/gear locker are endless.

True Four Season RV

Whether you are exploring the Canadian Rockies in the dead of winter, or overlanding the scorching hot deserts of California, the REKON will be ready. 3M Thinsulate insulation is used throughout the interior, providing a superior weather seal while reducing exterior noise with it’s sound deadening properties. 

The REKON truly shines for winter use. Heat is provided by the Truma VarioHeat furnace, which is ducted for better heat dispersion. The three stage burner system and high air flow will recover heat loss quickly in frigid temperatures when you open and close doors. The fresh water tank is also heated by the furnace, so you never have to worry about freezing your tank or any water lines as they are all run inside the coach.

The REKON was built to withstand all weather conditions.

The all-new Pleasure-Way REKON 4×4 represents a bold new vision for our model lineup. If you are looking to set new boundaries for your off-grid and overlanding excursions, the REKON is the ultimate go-anywhere adventure van for you. For the full list of coach specifications download the REKON 4×4 brochure here

Coming summer 2021. Limited availability. US MSRP: $171,600 | CAD MSRP $184,600