My Pleasure-Way Life: John & Souny Kennedy | Ontour 2.2 Owner

It’s the perfect blend of business and adventure for the Kennedy family. John and Souny Kennedy are the leading duo of their mobile consulting firm based in Centreville, Virginia. They are also busy parents to three boys; two in high school and one in the Air Force. Not wanting to wait until retirement to enjoy life, they made the leap and bought their first home-on-wheels, a Pleasure-Way Ontour 2.2. Read how John and Souny Kennedy balance their “new” model of work-life and family on their latest adventure.

When did you first hear about Pleasure-Way?

Funny story! Once we decided on our mobile venture, we began to research brands in the Class B RV category. We found an RV that was for sale locally, and it just so happened that the owners were in the process of selling their motor home to a dealer. We asked how they liked their current RV and why they were selling. They mentioned if they had to do it all over again, they would have bought a Pleasure-Way. It was the first time we heard the Pleasure-Way brand, so we immediately started our research right at the dealership. It became obvious quickly that this Class B was in a league of its own.

John & Souny Kennedy

What sparked your interest in RV travel?

We are one of many that purchased in response to the Covid-19 crisis. As a business consultant and data analyst, we decided to combine our strengths and take our work on the road, ‘curb-side consulting’. Merging our talent in business has allowed us to support local family-owned businesses in North America. Our “new” work-life allows us to drive instead of fly.

Ontour mobile office
Curb-side consulting – Agritourism Life

Favourite place you’ve traveled to in your Pleasure-Way?

We have a client that invited us to stay on their farm as we did strategic planning and team development. Crisp evenings, clear skies, and rewarding work make this the ideal blend of work and RV life. This is a fairly new endeavor for us, so we look forward to more of the same collaboration with clients throughout North America. We just returned from another client in Rockledge, Florida. On our return trip home, we took a “Life’s Detour” and found a great place to relax at Daytona Beach and then Matanzas Inlet for a gorgeous sunset.

Client farm – Bender, PA

Where have you traveled to in your Pleasure-Way?

Since we are connected to the agritourism industry (farms, garden centers, and wineries), we find ourselves stopping in every little town we can duck into. Enjoying the local fare and flavor each community has to offer. We have been mostly on the East Coast and have traveled from Massachusetts to Florida, and each state between. Local farmer’s markets, wineries, and garden centers have offered a wonderful palette of memorable experiences. Locally sourced coffees, soaps, cheeses, breads, fruits, veggies, and wines are just a few of the many “passengers” that travel home with us on our Life’s Detour.  Asheville, NC, and Jim Thorpe, PA are two standouts along with Savannah, GA!

Field market goodies
Client at winery

What has RV travel taught you about yourself?

It has taught us to be adaptable, live with less, and take the time to appreciate the beauty of nature. It has brought us a deeper connection to each other, ample time to discuss our ideas, our dreams, our relationship, and plan our next adventure. It has also presented us with a chance to become more connected to the small business community. Our Agritourism Life platform, along with our Pleasure-Way Ontour has become the perfect blend of business, travel, and adventure for our family.

What are the perks of mobile living?

We have more time to invest in ourselves and our families. Quality time needs to be prioritized… before it’s too late. We are forever grateful that we have found that time in our Pleasure-Way. Traveling to see family members in Lowell, Massachusetts, or the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, or just out for ice cream with friends are just a few perks.

John & Souny on the move

Any RV tips or helpful ideas you’d like to share regarding your Pleasure-Way van?

The best support we have found has been in the Pleasure-Way Facebook Group! Everyone in the group is helpful, and it’s been a lifeline for us as new Pleasure-Way owners. It’s the first thing we check after my emails in the morning. We have learned so much from reading other people’s experiences and it’s helped better prepare us for RV life. One of Souny’s posts received a lot of feedback from the group when she suggested cup holders she had found that work great in the back. Countless comments and thanks came as many Pleasure-Way owners took her advice.

If you could travel to any place in the world right now, where would it be?

John grew up in Australia and there was one place he never got to visit – Ayers Rock (Uluru). To wake up in our Pleasure-Way, watch the sunrise, hike Uluru, and witness a once-in-a-lifetime sunset would be amazing…difficult from Virginia, but amazing! 

Beach view from the Ontour 2.2

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