Tips From The Road: 5 Vanlife Food Tips to Enhance Your Journey

After spending many happy miles in our Tofino, I am always excited to share some first-hand tips from the road especially about food – so here are 5 vanlife food tips to enhance your journey. I am always thinking about food so here are some easy ideas for treats, protecting your food, saving space, and minimizing waste.

Tip #1: Cool Snacks

It should go without saying that every road trip needs good snacks! The list of what one can bring is endless, but this past summer I took advantage of the freezer and made sure we had Outshine Fruit Bars in there! At the end of a long hike, or while driving and in need of a little sugary pick-me up, these always hit the spot!

Enjoy a cool treat.

Tip #2: Lunch on the Go

We love having the ability to be self-sufficient when on the road and even more so now with COVID. Make a wrap in the morning and save it in a reusable Bee’s Wrap or wax bag. Throw it in the fridge for an easy to eat lunch while driving, at a rest stop, or while stopped to take in a beautiful view. Our go-to ingredients – hummus or cream cheese, avocado, spinach, turkey or prosciutto. 

Tip #3: Easy Protein Without Cooking

Before we hit the road, we buy a Rotisserie Chicken and debone it into bite size pieces. The seasoned chicken can then be put in scrambles, soups, wraps, sandwiches, pasta… you get the point. We love using Stasher reusable bags to store the chicken and reduce waste.

Tip #4: Is it Time for Happy Hour Yet?

Canned beverages are a dream when traveling in the van, even for the wine lovers out there. The size is perfect for maximizing space the Tofino’s fridge. We are currently obsessed with Cutwater Spirits canned cocktails when we are chilling at camp… our favorites are the Gin and Tonic and the Spicy Bloody Mary. Be sure to give the Bloody Mary a good shake before drinking. We also never leave home without some La Croix’s in there as well for a refreshing drink while driving.

Is it 5 o’clock yet?

Tip #5: Keeping Your Food Safe

Storing food in plastic bins makes your food critter-proof, maximizes storage space, easy to transfer into bear lockers when at campgrounds or trailheads that require bear-proof food storage, and protects it when out on picnic tables.

What prompted this practice you may ask? On the first trip to Joshua Tree NP with the Tofino, I found an unwanted visitor the first night. While truly adorable, the Desert Kangaroo Rats have figured out that these cool vans also have yummy food inside. I still have no idea how the little fellow got in, but it managed to nibble holes in almost all of my food in the cabinets. Luckily, I had other items stored in plastic bins and transferred the food that was still good into these. 

Critter-proof food storage.

Now I always keep our food in plastic bins to reduce the smell and temptation and we have never had another visitor. For the record – our pup Betty could have cared less about our little friend, unlike her mom who didn’t sleep a wink.

Saveria Tilden is the founder and CEO of AdventurUs Women a women-owned & led company dedicated to providing retreats and opportunities for women of all ages, races, sizes, backgrounds and experience levels to learn new skills and try outdoor activities in beautiful locations. She is a Leave No Trace Master Educator, Wilderness First Responder, outdoor educator and guide. Saveria is also a co-host on the Almost There Adventure Podcast. She loves being on the road in search of adventure in her Tofino!