Tips From The Road: Traveling Alone as a Woman

Confession…. I am actually not a fan of traveling alone as a woman. I wish I was! I am a more the merrier – bring a girlfriend – kind of gal. So why did I decide to write an article focused on traveling alone? Because while solo travel is not my first choice, I have traveled solo to multiple countries, across the US, and thousands of miles in our Tofino. Ok technically Betty, our adventure pup, has been with me but you get the idea. 

Here are some tips for road tripping that have been confidence boosters along the way.  

Exploring with Betty.

Find Community

There are lots of Facebook groups out there for women who love RVing and camping. They offer advice, inspiration, and community for those new to RV life and veterans alike. Head over to Facebook to check out Girl Camper or Friendly RV/Camping Women to start. For a Pleasure-Way specific community be sure to join Pleasureway Class B Camper Vans on Facebook.

Learn Self-Defense Skills

Want to learn some tools to confidently enjoy solo travel? Meet Nicole Snell, the CEO & international speaker of Girls Fight Back, a personal safety workshop leader and board member at Impact Personal Safety, producer of her own virtual series called Outdoor Defense, and an adventure leader for Black Girls Trekkin’. Nicole’s Outdoor Defense videos provide simple and effective tools to help you confidently explore on your own. 

Nicole Snell (Photo: Courtesy AdventurUs Women)

Arrive Before Dark

I always try to arrive at my overnight destination before dark to get a lay of the land. Parking and plugging in is always easier in daylight. This way I can walk the area to figure out where everything is and by everything, I mostly mean the bathroom. Check out who your neighbors are, get a gut check on anything that may seem strange. See another solo woman traveler?  Say hello! It is important to honor the fact that solo travelers often travel solo because they want/need some alone time… but a friendly hello may be the start of a new friendship.

Arrive before dark.
Check in and say ‘hi’ to your neighbour.

Have a Check-In Buddy

Leave your itinerary with a friend or family member and have plans to check in with them. Tell them at what point they should start to worry if they don’t hear from you. This is a good practice for all adventures, not just road trips. If you are really concerned about someone knowing your whereabouts there are services such as Life 360 or Garmin’s Map Share for the inReach® devices that allow those you choose to follow your adventure.

Lay Off the True Crime!

I LOVE true crime podcasts….Crime Junkie anyone? But leading up to and during my solo road trips I DO NOT listen to true crime podcasts. No need to obsess about any of the bad things that may happen, I prefer to download audiobooks or positive thought-provoking podcasts such as Brene Brown’s Unlocking Us. Be sure to download them before you hit the road in case you are out of cell service.

Try an uplifting podcast.

When it comes to traveling solo as a woman there are many views on the subject and a full range of comfort levels. The correct level of comfort to have is whatever comfort level you decide is right for you. There is no right or wrong answer and not wanting to travel solo does not make you any less of an amazing adventurer! Find adventure on your own terms.

Saveria Tilden is the founder and CEO of AdventurUs Women a women-owned & led company dedicated to providing opportunities for women of all ages, races, sizes, backgrounds, and experience levels to learn new skills and try outdoor activities in beautiful locations. She is a Leave No Trace Master Educator, Wilderness First Responder, outdoor educator, and guide. Saveria is also a co-host on the Almost There Adventure Podcast. She loves being on the road in search of adventure in her Tofino!