10 Features That Will Make You Love The REKON 4×4

Van life is more popular than ever in 2022, and the Pleasure-Way REKON 4×4 is one of the latest campervan models to hit the market. As you’ll see from this list, the REKON 4×4 is a powerhouse of a van that’s built for adventure. Here are the 10 most exciting features of this truly killer van!

Reason #1: All-season tires

Tires are the only thing between you and the road, so it’s important to find the right ones for your vehicle. The REKON’S Black Rhino Havasu alloy wheels paired with the Toyo Open Country tires have great traction in wet, snowy, and icy conditions. You’ll get improved braking and handling thanks to the integrated design that improves off-road capabilities and overall hydroplaning resistance.

Toyo all-terrain tires

Reason #2: Durable transmission

With the REKON 4×4, you can take your off-road adventures to new heights. The REKON boasts a 7-speed automatic transmission. The transmission is mated to a 2.3L i-VTEC 6-cylinder engine that punches out a respectable 188 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque. It gives you the power you need for that extra hill climb or off-road excursions.

Reason #3: Private wet bath and adjustable gear locker

You’ll love the REKON’S wet bath. The dual-function option means you can use it as a storage locker. After a day of hitting the slopes or coming in from the surf, you can hang your gear to dry on the adjustable rods, while bathroom ducted heat ensures dry garments for another day of adventuring.

The REKON Gear Locker.

Reason #4: Superior power – Eco-Ion Lithium Batteries

Boondocking has been on the rise. Many RVers want to be able to venture into undeveloped land without the extra utilities like water, power, and sewer connections. The four Eco-Ion 100AH Lithium batteries make traveling farther, staying longer, all while living and working, possible in the REKON. 

400Ah bank of Eco-Ion lithium coach batteries.

Reason #5: Solar panels that perform

With 400-Watts of solar panel power mounted on the roof, you can bank the sun’s rays to keep your batteries charged. The included solar controller features MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), vital to optimizing the solar energy harvested by actively tracking voltage and output of each solar panel.

Rekon 400-Watt solar panel package

Reason #6: The garage: ample storage with room to spare

From the 72” x 72” rear folding bed, to the 52 cubic feet of lower storage and ample headroom, you can easily stow your goods with the overhead flexible cargo netting and secure your gear with the integrated L-Track tie-down system.

The REKON is also great if you like to go on long road trips or camping trips. You can easily fold up the rear bench seat so you have enough room for two people to sleep comfortably in the back seat.

The largest bed in a Sprinter 4×4 van.

Reason #7: L-Track Tie system

If you’re planning on hitting some rough terrain with your REKON Garage, we’ve got you covered. The L-track tie-down system allows you to easily secure your bikes, storage bins, and all other cargo if you plan to track through rough terrain. And flexible cargo net storage system adds even more storage solutions to the wildly functional REKON garage.

Use the L-track tie-down system to safely secure all cargo
The REKON Garage measures 44″ W x 72″ L.

Reason #8: 40 gallons of freshwater

Keeping enough fresh water on hand is one of the most important considerations when you’re overlanding or boondocking. The REKON was designed to fit a massive 40-gallon freshwater tank that’ll extend the time you can remain off-grid. This tank is strategically located inside the REKON, between the rear wheel wells, so you won’t have to worry about losing ground clearance—and you’ll also enjoy the best possible weight distribution.

Reason #9: Fresh air anyone?

We love the outdoors, which is why we include roll-up screen doors on both the side and rear doors. These doors are super fine mesh, fire-resistant, and have unique magnetic closures so you can get in and out easily.

Reason #10: True four season

The REKON is a great option for winter use. It’s got a Truma VarioHeat furnace, which will keep you nice and toasty when you’re out in the cold. This furnace is ducted so that it can better disperse heat throughout the coach, keeping you warm even if you open or close a door. The three-stage burner system and high airflow mean that the furnace will recover heat loss quickly when you open or close doors. And the freshwater tank is also heated by the furnace! So no more worrying about freezing your tank or any water lines—they’re all run inside the coach at all times.

3M Thinsulate insulation

3M Thinsulate insulation is used throughout the interior, providing a superior weather seal while reducing exterior noise with its sound-deadening properties. And because it’s an integrated system, there are no air gaps between layers of insulation, so cold air can’t find its way into your coach.

The Pleasure-Way Rekon is built for the wild, and it’s ready to take on any adventure you throw at it. Whether your goal is to boondock in the desert, or hit the coastal highway, this adventure van is up for any challenge.

Check out the REKON and other Pleasure-Way motorhomes near you at your nearest dealership, or head to the Pleasure-Way website and try out a virtual walkthrough on our Go Live page.