Discovering the “Happy Camper” – A Pleasure-Way Life Journey with Ali Wimberly

From the mountains of Sapphire in Western North Carolina to the majestic Canadian Rockies, Ali Wimberly and her husband Wiley have taken their Pleasure-Way Plateau FL – affectionately named the “Happy Camper” – on adventures, most of us can only dream of. We had the wonderful opportunity to dive into their Pleasure-Way journey, gleaning insights, and some invaluable tips along the way.

Hiking back to the Happy Camper. Valley of the Gods, Blanding, Utah

Meet the Happy Campers

Ali and Wiley first embraced their Pleasure-Way lifestyle in 2016, becoming full-timers in the summer of 2020 after realizing their mountain home sat vacant for longer and longer stretches. The Happy Camper became the perfect home-on-wheels for their remote work, enabling their exploration of the natural beauty North America has to offer. The ease of maneuverability, the excellent mileage, and the overall quality and design of Pleasure-Way quickly convinced them that they’d found the perfect Class B motorhome. But it was the vast windows that truly won them over, flooding their mobile home with natural light and offering a panoramic view of the scenic vistas they encountered.

Ali and Wiley Wimberly with Pippa & Nigel. Buckskin Mountain State Park, Parker, Arizona

Epic Adventures in the Happy Camper

From the Lower 48 U.S. states to three Canadian provinces, Ali and Wiley’s Pleasure-Way has seen it all. But their heart lies in the parks, and the 33 U.S. National Parks. “We’ve visited some beautiful national parks,” Ali tells us. “Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Zion, Glacier, and Acadia are among our favorites. Each park has its own unique beauty and adventures to offer.” A remarkable encounter was a family trip to Yellowstone in June 2021, which ended up being a transformative experience for their college-age son, Miles, and his buddy, Jake. And they have ensured their granddaughter, Bree, doesn’t miss out on the adventures, involving her in various exploration trips and camping expeditions.

Wiley with his granddaughter, Bree
Wiley, Miles and Ali in Yellowstone National Park

Traveling in the Pleasure-Way – Tips and Hacks

For the Wimberlys, Wandering Labs, a campground cancellation website, has been a game-changer. “Planning our routes and destinations is one of my favorite parts of RVing,” says Ali, “We make use of apps like the Campendium App to identify and review our possible stops along the way.” Coupled with plotting their course and finding user-generated reviews, their van life has been made a whole lot easier.

Ali also shared some of the must-have items that she never travels without: “One item that we have found to be essential is the Walmart Mainstays 2” Gel Foam Mattress Topper. It ensures a comfortable night’s sleep wherever we park for the night.” Their HeatShield Original Windshield Sun Shades for temperature control, and a tiny Apple TV box for evening entertainment.

Sunset reflections at Rockhound State Park, Deming, New Mexico

A Larger RVing Family

One of the questions we often ask Pleasure-Way owners is about the community they’ve found in their travels. We wanted to know from Ali, what advice or insights would she like to pass along to fellow Pleasure-Way owners or those considering joining our community.

“I love being part of the warm, welcoming Pleasure-Way community,” Ali began. “Through the group’s Facebook page, I have met and talked to so many wonderful, like-minded people. I share my writing and photography from our travels on there. I give advice, recommendations, and travel inspiration to other Pleasure-Way owners.”

She continued, “In return, I get comments, tips, and must-see recommendations of places to visit along the way. It’s an amazing group of encouraging, supportive folks. I have Pleasure-Way Facebook followers who have followed along on our journey for years. I interact with them daily, and they’ve become dear friends.”

Being part of the Pleasure-Way community is indeed like being part of a larger RVing family. It’s full of supportive, friendly people who are more than willing to share their experiences and advice. This level of connection and camaraderie is one of the many reasons why owning a Pleasure-Way is such a joy.”

Looking Ahead

The future looks bright and exciting for the Wimberlys, with plans to return to Canada’s breathtaking National Parks and new destinations like Vancouver Island and Whistler on the horizon. Recalling her most memorable trip to Acadia National Park in 2019, Ali shares her anticipation for more unforgettable adventures in her Pleasure-Way.

Pippa and Nigel are ready for adventure. Stone Quarry BLM, Del Norte, Colorado

Words of Wisdom from the Road

“Challenges are part of the journey,” Ali shares. “Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but we take them in stride and always find a way to make the best out of the situation.” For the Wimberlys’, the Pleasure-Way community has played a significant role in their journey, providing a platform for sharing experiences and fostering friendships. Ali’s motto for the van life is “Modify and Adjust,” embracing flexibility and readiness to adapt as key to a fulfilling RV lifestyle.

Valley of the Five Lakes in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Follow the Journey

Eager to follow the Wimberlys’ Pleasure-Way journey? Tune in to Ali’s digital creator Facebook Page: Ali Wimberly and Instagram: @highmaintenancehippieali and @pippaandnigel.