My Pleasure-Way Life: Diana Stanton | Tofino Owner

Inspired by the photos and stories shared with us, we wanted to know more about Pleasure-Way owners and their personal adventures in RVing. My Pleasure-Way Life is a new series that lets you inside the world of our diverse group of owners and aims to tell their unique stories. This week we feature Diana Stanton, a 55-year-old professor of dance at the California Polytechnic State University who is currently traveling in a 2020 Tofino with her 2 Vizsla dogs, Sarah and Juno.

When did you first hear about Pleasure-Way?

I had seen some Pleasure-Way vans on the road and out camping. I was following van life people on YouTube and I started following Neil Balthaser of “Ultramobility” for his thorough and astute reviews. I was impressed with the Pleasure-Way quality. 

What sparked your interest in RV travel?

I have always been interested in camping, but really wanted a van for comfort and ease of traveling with a dog. I wanted a VW pop-top, which I did get finally. I have been traveling in Campervans and RVs for more than 25 years. 

Diana Stanton with her two dogs, Sarah and Juno.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to in your Pleasure-Way?

This one is hard to say, because it is fun to travel most places in the Tofino. But, I just returned from a big trip through Montana and Idaho. Glacier National Park was stunning. I camped at the Fish Creek campground in the park. I want to go back. Last winter I went to Colorado and Utah, and went skiing, all while traveling in the Tofino

Glacier National Park, MT | Fish Creek Campground
Glacier National Park, MT

Where have you traveled in your Pleasure-Way?

I have been on two big trips, and some smaller camping trips near home since I bought the Tofino in November of 2019. I went to Boulder, CO from California to visit a college friend. I went through Zion National Park at that point, and also camped near Glenwood Springs. Then I went up through Wyoming and stayed in Park City, UT. I camped in the Valley of Fire in Nevada on my way home. 

Redwood National Park, CA

This last trip this summer I traveled through and camped in: Bryce Canyon, Grand Tetons, through Yellowstone, the Gallatin River in Montana, Salmon Lake and Swan Lake in Montana, Glacier NP, Whitefish, then down through Idaho into the Sawtooths near Ketchum, ID, then through NV and ended in Mammoth Lakes CA for a week before coming home. Around here in California I have camped in San Simeon, and near Sequoia National Park in the Sierras. I have also camped in the driveways of friends and family. 

Grand Tetons National Park, WY

What has RV travel taught you about yourself?

I recently posted about this in the Tofino Facebook group: “These vans seem to become the works of art of our lives. They seem to symbolize the way in which we seek to experience our world. It is so fun to see how others have modified, decorated and used their camper vans. 

I was able to travel for a month and I saw things I have wanted to see for a long time. I have posted before that I started camping in a VW Eurovan, since then, I’ve had a Class A, an Airstream trailer, a Class C, and I am back to a… pop-top camper van! I found that no matter how far from home I traveled to find myself, I am still lost…No matter how much I travel to escape my personal challenges, the demons still follow. But, it is all tremendous fun and free in this van.” 

I also have learned how little I really need, less is more, and simple is best because it allows you to see and experience where you are. Camping is a very inexpensive way to travel. When traveling I have learned to enjoy the journey, and to explore and adventure in new places. I have met wonderful people from different walks of life, and I have made friends on the road. 

What has traveling in your Pleasure-Way done for you?

It has given me comfort, safety and nimble access to beautiful places in our world. The Tofino is a wonderful conversation starter as well and I made new friends simply by people’s curiosity about it. With the top popped and doors open, it looks like it might be a flying space-ship, so that is a wonderful way to meet people. 

Sarah and Juno

Can you recall a time where owning a Pleasure-Way has benefited you?

Yes, that time is now. I researched the company and wanted a quality product. This van is part of my identity, my hobbies, and my life. Also, the customer service is stellar, and Pleasure-Way makes you feel like part of a family. 

Do you have any RV tips or helpful ideas you’d like to share regarding your Pleasure-Way van?

  • Downsizing is good. I had to send home 2 boxes of stuff I did not need when I was on this last trip. You don’t live IN the van, you live OUT of it. 
  • Camping reservations are almost a necessity now due to so many people camping – or you can disperse camp. 
  • Enjoy the journey, it is about the process. 
  • Keep things tidy and put away otherwise it gets chaotic and messy. 
  • Make sure to keep food in things that protect the van against inevitable spills and accidents.  
  • Stay connected via social media to see how others organize and use their RVs, many people have helpful hints.

If you could travel to any place in the world right now, where would it be?

I would actually like to go camping in Canada, there are so many places I would like to explore. I also want to go to Switzerland and Greece. 

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