My Pleasure-Way Life: Aruna Kalutanthri | Lexor TS Owner

Meet Aruna Kalutanthri, Lexor owner, and Software Specialist based in Victoria, BC. An adventurist with Sri Lankan roots, Aruna has lived in Canada for more than thirty years. A love of the Canadian landscapes, backpacking, and camping have set Aruna and his wife on several open road-escapes boondocking in their Lexor TS. Join us as we get to know Aruna a little better.

Where did you first hear about Pleasure-Way?

Years ago, we owned a Subaru Forester and decided to build our own sleeping platform in the rear. After a few camping trips with the Forester, we added a roof-top tent and set off to Alaska. It was during our journey to Alaska, that we soon became tired of the constant set-up and take-down of the rooftop tent. At that point, we thought more about buying a camping trailer, however, our Subaru simply did not have the tow capacity needed to pull a trailer. My wife and I started looking at camper vans. Doing our own research, we came across Pleasure-Way motorhomes. We wanted to invest in a Canadian RV manufacturer and Pleasure-Way’s models offered the most reliable and exceptional build quality. When we test-drove a Pleasure-Way Lexor TS, we knew it was a sound option for us. We took the leap to ownership.

Jordan River, B.C.

What sparked your interest in RV travel?

We started noticing all the beautiful RVs around us on our trip to Alaska and the Arctic circle. The majority were Class B campervans! We knew it would make our long trips easier, safer, and much more enjoyable. We are not retired yet, but thought we would get one and pay it off before we retire.

Mount Robson, British Columbia

Favorite place you’ve traveled to in your Pleasure-Way?

Our trip to beautiful Bella Coola, BC from Victoria. I have always wanted to photograph grizzly bears in the wild, and we spent six days camping at a recreation site frequented by bears. I was able to photo and document quite a few grizzly bears! Driving to Bella Coola, there is an infamous steep “hill”. We were so scared going down on the muddy road following two days of rain, but we made it safely in our Lexor. It was the scariest road we’ve traveled on and by far our favorite place we have been to. 

Bella Coola, B.C.
Wildlife watching

What has RV travel taught you about yourself?

RV travel has taught me that life is very short. Traveling and discovering new places, meeting new friends, and learning about many things, have brought us satisfaction, happiness, and peace. We can escape from our busy lives, and spend as many days and nights as we want near lakes, oceans, or mountains under the stars.

Campsite in B.C.

It’s also given us the ability to go off-grid for days in remote, beautiful areas, and still have everything we need. We returned from a day of backpacking the Cape Scott Trail, to our van with a cold fridge and warm water; just like coming home. The feeling of security and comfort was just what we needed to relax after our long trek. 

What has been the greatest benefit of mobile living for you?

The biggest benefit for us is that we no longer have to call ahead and reserve anything. We literally pack, find a campsite, or remote area we want to go to. We set up, and spend the night. No more hotels, motels, and it is safe to sleep in the van. If it rains, no problem. If it is windy, no problem. If it is remote and wild, not a problem.

Bella Coola, Highway 20
Foggy road

Do you have any RV tips or helpful ideas you’d like to share regarding your Pleasure-Way van?

Having a spare tire, and separate tire mount is definitely advantageous. Especially for us, since we travel primarily on unpaved roads in remote locations. If you plan on travelling primarily to off-the-beaten-path locations, an after-market extra leaf spring in the rear can give about two inches more clearance in the rear. 

If you could travel to any place in the world right now, where would it be?

I have been to Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe in 2008, and I would love to go back. But we want to redo the Alaska road trip, Victoria, BC to Arctic Circle, Alaska, in our PleasureWay. Perhaps next year?

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