Pleasure-Way Tofino Death Valley Meetup

Have you thought of joining a meetup? We know that sometimes you just might want to get away from it all and be by yourself. But often, social life is what makes our RV journeys most meaningful. There’s nothing quite like meeting people and making friends that share your passion for camping. Reading forums and blogs is great, but sometimes it’s best to experience something in person. That’s why meetups are such a valuable resource for RV’ers. It’s an opportunity to make lasting friendships, and share tips and tricks about your RV along the way.

Angela Turino – Death Valley meetup organizer.

Tofino’s In Death Valley

The Tofino meetup in Death Valley was a great success. Fourteen Tofino owners attended the meetup, sharing tips, tricks, and stories from their journeys. Laurie Pawlik, a van full-timer, captured the day’s events. Watch her video and see what she learned at her first Tofino meetup.

Here are a few tips and tricks that were shared among Tofino owners:

  • Clothing storage (Angela, 0:51)
  • Magnetic strips (Mona, 4:22)
  • Inflatable solar lights (Nancy, 5:17)
  • Portable mini projector (Koko, 7:49)
  • Detachable magnetic window screens (Thierry, 14:15)

Owner introductions.
Meetup attendees.

Whether you’re a seasoned RV traveler or new to the lifestyle, we hope this group inspired you to create your own RV meetup, sharing your enthusiasm with like-minded people. After all, the best way to meet new friends and make new experiences is to get out there and start exploring!

Laurie Pawlik – Tofino owner and Youtube video blogger.

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