Having Sustainable RV Adventures with Pleasure-Way Motorhomes

One of the biggest talking points in the last few years has been sustainability. Travel is one of the hardest things on the environment, but that doesn’t mean you have to give it up entirely! Your Pleasure-Way motorhome allows you to have adventures that damage the environment much less than flying. Here’s how!

Your Pleasure-Way is an off-grid home on wheels

Pleasure-Way motorhomes are self-contained RVs, so you don’t necessarily need to rely on public utilities for water or power. Most RVers are well aware of shore power costs and the challenges of managing electricity consumption when off-grid. With solar panels for your motorhome, you can keep your batteries charged to power up computers, telephones, TVs, and even refrigerators!

That’s why we offer our solar package as a standard option. Go Power solar panels can be mounted on your motorhome’s roof, which charges your batteries during the day and keeps your lights on at night. You’ll be able to use your 12V DC system and 120 VAC receptacles through the inverter as long as there’s enough sunlight, which means you can spend more time in remote areas without having to worry about needing to connect to shore power. 

Why solar?

From protecting the environment to reducing your energy costs, there are many reasons to consider solar:

Go-Anywhere Freedom.

Pleasure-Way motorhomes give you free rein to explore remote, off-grid locations. With solar panels powering your batteries, you can go anywhere! Spend less time searching for shore power connections and more time in the great outdoors.

Cost Savings

Spend less on fuel for generators. Solar panels are an investment in the future—they’ll pay for themselves over time with less money spent on generator fuel costs. While Pleasure-Way motorhomes offer you that freedom to use both, using solar energy is the most sustainable way to keep you on the road.

Solar power is clean

Solar systems work by converting the sun’s rays to DC power and using that power to keep RV (or portable) batteries charged. They eliminate generator noise and pollution and are unbeatable if you’re looking to be more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint.

Minimal Maintenance

The Go-Solar system on Pleasure-Way models is really easy to maintain. Wipe off the panels occasionally to ensure dust, stones, or snow aren’t inhibiting their ability to capture the sunlight.

Are you ready for your sustainable adventure?

Whether you’re a seasonal camper, weekend RVer, or full-time digital nomad, Pleasure-Way gives you the flexibility to power up and go almost anywhere. Don’t forget to check out our blog! We have articles on the latest Pleasure-Way updates, How-To blogs, and other exciting topics.