REKON Vanlife: One Year of Full-Time Van Living

It has been over a year since Wes and I moved from a three-bedroom home to living in a van. During the first year of van life, we learned a lot about ourselves as well as life on the road. We’ve had our fair share of obstacles that we had to overcome, but we also experienced some of the most incredible moments of our lives.

Initially, we had our eyes on the Winnebago Revel but as soon as we learned that it would take over a year to get our hands on one, we said, “forget it”. So we went back to the drawing board and came across the Pleasure-Way Rekon, we were sold the moment we watched the YouTube Video that was being advertised.

The Pleasure-Way Rekon is everything an off-grid adventure enthusiast could want, I and Wes included! In this article, we are going to share with you the honest truth about full-time living in the Pleasure-Way Rekon Adventure Van, which means we’ll be spilling the pros, the cons, and everything in between!

Our deep-dive Rekon Review

When we were looking at the van, we didn’t notice anything that we didn’t like about it. There are a few miscellaneous items, like the Cargo Net Storage and Plastic Vent Covers, that could have been made different, but they’re things that can easily be fixed or replaced

What we’ve experienced: the cargo net fraying pretty quickly after storing lightweight items, the plastic vent covers somehow breaking off easily, and the magnet on the side door rolling screen falling out from beneath.

Pleasure-Way’s Warranty Team has been easy to communicate with, they’ve certainly been helpful when needing their assistance. And, with no issue, they’ve also been able to send replacements for the miscellaneous items we’ve had issues with – but we’ve also found some alternatives that we found work best for us.

Storage Solution: The Shuksan Headliner Shelf helps maximize interior storage, and is made with quality material.

Shuksan Headliner Shelf

What we love most about the Rekon

What’s not to love about this awesome adventure van?! We love how easy it is to drive. It’s perfectly compact and incredibly agile. We don’t have to worry about it being too big, it’s so nimble in rough terrain. Also, the fact that it’s self-contained is another huge advantage. The power system is unbelievable – we are total off-grid nomads and the solar power system on the Rekon has been the biggest game-changer. We live in the Southwestern United States and we can proudly say that we’ve never plugged into shore power – this van thrives in the Southwest.

How has the Rekon 4×4 held up off-grid?

We haven’t been rock crawling, however, we have taken this van on some entry-level/intermediate Jeep roads. Definitely have tested out the van limits and let me just say, it has performed amazingly well off-the-grid. One thing we find annoying while off-roading is the bathroom door swings open, so we just put one of our clothing bags in front of the doors to hold it closed.

Nonetheless, the addition of the Agile RIP Kit made the biggest difference when driving off the beaten path. How? The upgraded suspension significantly improves travel off-road. And, often times when driving off-road, airing down the tires is the best practice to increase the surface grip on any rocky trail. So, having these Tire Deflators and Agile ARB Onboard Air Kit go hand-in-hand for the most convenient way to air down and air back up on the fly.

Upgrades we made to the Rekon

Aside from adding the Shuksan Headliner Shelf, the Agile ARB Onboard Air Kit, and the Agile RIP Kit – we have made many other upgrades to our van to tailor it to our lifestyle. Not only are these upgrades made of quality but sincerely have made living on the road full-time a lot easier. Below is a list of game-changing upgrades:

Front window mesh screen.
Bike carrier and expedition box.

Our overall experience with the Rekon

Every day is an adventure! We wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world! This van has provided us with so much life, it’s crazy to think that it’s been just over a year, and feels like we’ve been living in this van forever. Aside from how amazing our lives have been since investing in this tiny home on wheels, the Rekon 4×4 adventure van is hands down a quality-made van – the craftsmanship is incomparable, it’s a true off-grid overlander, and not to mention, Pleasure-Way has exceptional service.

Thank you for reading! We’re excited to continue sharing our journey with our Pleasure-Way Rekon adventure van, feel free to follow us on Instagram or check out the blog at